Craven Volunteer Centre

Craven Volunteer Centre is a registered charity based in Skipton. It links would-be volunteers with good causes in the Craven area which could benefit from a share of their valued time. Dee Pollitt is the Craven Volunteer Centre Manager and, together with her team of helpers, works hard to find new volunteers to help support community groups and activities which in turn enrich local lives.

People who volunteer their time to help others really do an incredible job. Recognising this, at Skipton we’ve provided financial support to the Craven Volunteer Centre for a number of years. We also help put our employees – many of whom take part in community activities in their spare time – in touch with the centre, and help raise awareness of the benefits of volunteering. From helping to set up team building events, through to sharing their specialised work skills, lots of our people have given up a little bit of their time to help others with support from Dee and her team.

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