Skipton Building Society since 1853

The first building society was formed in 1775 when a group of people pooled their savings to build houses. The more savings people put in the pot, the more money they had to fund mortgages for new members joining the society. It’s called mutuality and it underpins everything we do.

A picture of early Society members

Then and now

Back then, it was difficult to buy a house or save money into a bank account if you weren’t well off. But the arrival of the building society helped change all that.

We were founded in 1853 by mill owner Samuel Farey and timber merchant George Kendall, with the purpose of providing a safe place for people’s savings and to help them own homes.

More than 166 years on, our purpose is still the same and now we help over a million people with their savings and mortgages.

Helping five generations

Among those million customers is Elizabeth, who's been saving with us since the 1950s. In fact, she's part of a family that's had savings and mortgages with Skipton since Victorian times.

Agnes and William

1881: Agnes & William

Married in 1881, Elizabeth’s great grandparents started the Skipton tradition with the family’s first mortgage.

1911: Bessie & Tom

Married in 1911, Bessie saved with Skipton and had two Skipton mortgages during her lifetime.

Bessie and Tom
Sarah and Alec

1939: Sarah & Alec

Married in 1939, Sarah was a Skipton saver all her life and she and Alec had two mortgages with Skipton.

Elizabeth and Charles

1986: Elizabeth & Charles

Married in 1986, Elizabeth saved with Skipton from childhood and has had three mortgages with us.

Elizabeth and Charles

1989: Sarah

Born in 1989, Sarah’s been a Skipton saver since birth and has had a Skipton mortgage since 2015.

Why they chose Skipton


The mutual ethos is one of the reasons we’ve stayed with Skipton for so long and, even though Skipton has grown over time, I still receive the same friendly personal service I always have. It was the same when my mum used to take me into the branch with her when I was little. They helped her when dad died and she had to manage the finances on her own for the first time, and when she started to lose her memory too.


As a first time buyer, I found everyone incredibly helpful and good at providing clear explanations to someone with no prior experience. I’ve never found anyone at Skipton to be anything other than warm, friendly and engaged.


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Building Society difference

Building society difference

We don’t have shareholders to answer to, just our customers. But what does that really mean?

Mutuality in action
One million customers

One million customers

Meet some of the people who trust us as a good place for their savings and mortgages.

Customer stories

We do good things

Financial services isn’t the only thing we do. We’re active in our communities too.

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