Our charity partnership - Mental Health UK

We believe in doing more for our customers and communities.

As part of that commitment, we run a charity partnership program where we work together with important causes. Through the program, we're able to support our chosen charity partner and build a better society. Our charity partnerships are about far more than fundraising. We're going beyond helping people with their finances and also aiming to create more good places in communities. Keep reading below to find out about the work we're doing.

Mental Health UK

Our partnership with Mental Health UK was created long before COVID-19 impacted our lives. But there’s no getting away from the fact that they need our support now as much as ever. The lockdown and social distancing created mental health challenges for lots of people, from losing income to being affected by the isolation from those they love. Being stuck indoors is tough enough in itself.

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#TodayIWill was created to raise much-needed funds to help support people affected by mental health problems. On top of that, we wanted to encourage people to do something that made them feel good, and support their own health and wellbeing. It’s not the solution but it’s a start.

Our colleagues have had a great time doing their own #TodayIWill challenges and getting their friends involved to do the same. And we’ve also loved seeing all the ones submitted by the general public.

From mindfulness activities to enjoying the great outdoors, everyone has found their own happiness in the challenge. Some of our favourites were of people switching off computers and other distractions to focus on the things they find relaxing, like Jacquie finding calm in colouring and Hannah exploring her new neighbourhood and finding some friends along the way.

With all your help, we’ve managed to raise an incredible running total of £200,000 for Mental Health UK so far (total correct as at 23 November 2020).

But there’s still more to do, positive thinking and positive doing is just the start. If you’d like to support our charity partner, Mental Health UK (charity no: 1170815), so they can continue to do their much-needed work, you can donate online through our JustGiving page.

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