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Through our charity partnerships, we're helping to create more good places and a better society.

We believe in doing more for our customers and communities.

As part of that commitment, we run a charity partnership program where we work together with important causes. Through the program, we're able to support our chosen charity partner and build a better society. Our charity partnerships are about far more than fundraising. We're going beyond helping people with their finances and also aiming to create more good places in communities. Keep reading below to find out about the work we're doing.

Mental Health UK

We're delighted to work alongside Mental Health UK in partnership until 2022. Each year, 1 in 4 people in the UK is affected by a mental health problem*. It's an issue that can affect anyone.

Mental Health UK provides support, information and expertise to help people affected by mental health problems. They bring together over 40 years of expertise from four national mental health charities to provide advice, information and support. Registered Charity no. 1170815.

Sharing an issue with others can have tremendous benefits - bringing people together so they can see a brighter future. That's exactly what Skipton Building Society is aiming to do with Mental Health UK, and we're excited about the changes we can make in this shared partnership.

Our mission with our charity partner is to give more people access to good places to discuss mental health. Together, we're aiming to raise £250k so that Mental Health UK can create community networks to support people affected by mental health problems.

* Source - www.mentalhealth-uk.org

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Creating a lasting legacy

Before our partnership with Mental Health UK, we supported Alzheimer's Society and Alzheimer Scotland from 2017-2019.

Those partnerships may have officially ended, but that doesn't mean we'll stop supporting people affected by dementia. We'll continue working towards becoming a more dementia-friendly organisation through improvements to our branches and head office as well as our commitment to the Dementia Friends initiative.

The £250,000 raised by Skipton colleagues and customers was a standout figure that we're really proud of. But the longer-lasting legacy of our partnership is found in the accessibility and inclusivity of our branches.

A Dementia Friend in every branch - Over 90% of our branch colleagues have become Dementia Friends. Speak to a colleague in branch to find out how they can help visitors living with the condition. Dementia Friends is an Alzheimer's Society initiative raising awareness about dementia and the small actions people can take to make a more dementia-friendly society.

Supporting vital research - the money we have raised has funded research at the Bradford University Doctoral Training Centre. This research focuses on the care of people living with dementia ensuring a legacy of our fundraising.

Providing for ongoing support - in Scotland, we raised money to help support Alzheimer Scotland's 24-hour freephone dementia helpline, dementia resource centres, dementia advisors, community activity organisers, volunteer coordinators and much more.

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