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Fixed Rate Bonds

A guaranteed return comes as standard with our Fixed Rate Bonds

Our Fixed Rate Bonds are a great way to secure your savings, so you'll get a guaranteed rate of interest without any surprises.

Our Fixed Rate Bonds meet your needs if...

Tick You have savings which you do not need immediate access to

Tick You want the security of a fixed rate of interest guaranteed for the term of the bond rather than a variable rate which can move up and down

Tick You want to choose between leaving your interest to build up the value of your bond or receiving your interest monthly

If you do want access to your savings please contact us to discuss other products which may better suit your needs. Withdrawal or early closure is not permitted during the term of the bond.

Key Features

  • The security of a fixed rate
  • Invest up to £1,000,000 (£2,000,000 for joint applications) - minimum balance of £500 by cash (branch only) debit card, cheque or internal transfer from another Skipton Building Society account.
  • Know your savings are working hard with interest calculated daily and paid annually or monthly
  • Make additional investments into your bond until it becomes a closed issue, which may be at any time and without notice.
  • No withdrawals allowed until maturity
Bond Term Balance Tiers Annual Interest Option Monthly Interest Option Terms & Conditions
1 Year Fixed Rate Bond - Fixed until 16 May 2015 £500 - £24,999 1.40% Gross pa/ AER 1.39% Gross pa/ 1.40% AER Read Further Terms & Conditions
£25,000 plus 1.50% Gross pa/ AER 1.49% Gross pa/ 1.50% AER Read Further Terms & Conditions
2 Year Fixed Rate Bond - Fixed until 16 May 2016 £500 - £24,999 1.70% Gross pa/ AER 1.69% Gross pa/ 1.70% AER Read Further Terms & Conditions
£25,000 plus 1.90% Gross pa/ AER 1.88% Gross pa/ 1.90% AER Read Further Terms & Conditions
3 Year Fixed Rate Bond - Fixed until 16 May 2017 £500 - £24,999 2.00% Gross pa/ AER 1.98% Gross pa/ 2.00% AER Read Further Terms & Conditions
£25,000 plus 2.15% Gross pa/ AER 2.13% Gross pa/2.15% AER Read Further Terms & Conditions
5 Year Fixed Rate Bond - Fixed until 16 May 2019 £500 plus
(no tiers apply)
3.00% Gross pa/ AER 2.96% Gross pa/ 3.00% AER Read Further Terms & Conditions

What happens on maturity of your new bond?

We will contact you at least 14 days prior to the maturity date of your bond to explain the options open to you, these will include:

  • Continue your investment in a new 1 Year Fixed Rate Bond (the 'do nothing' option);
  • Continue your investment in an alternative bond;
  • Transfer to an easy access account;
  • Add extra funds to the above three options;
  • Withdraw your funds (in full or in part).

If you 'do nothing', we will add any interest due to your account and we will contact you within seven days of your bond maturity to confirm your investment. You will have 21 days from maturity to cancel this investment.

Our 'do nothing' option is a feature on maturity instead of transferring to an easy access account with a lower rate of interest.

Where our 'do nothing' option applies, your investment will continue in a Fixed Rate Bond from which withdrawals or early closure will not be permitted during the term of the bond.

If the 'do nothing' option applies, the Further Terms and Conditions (available by clicking the link on the table above) shall continue to apply, as well as the Investment Account Terms and Conditions, except that the rate of interest, the date that interest will be applied to your account and the minimum and maximum investment limits may differ. Should your investment balance on maturity fall outside the minimum or maximum investment limits, you will be able to continue your existing investment. Any new transactions will be subject to these limits.

Ready to open an account?

First read the Summary Box and the Further Terms and Conditions

Visit your local branch or call them on 08457 171 777*

Download a paper application form and return to:

Investment Operations
Skipton Building Society
The Bailey
North Yorkshire
BD23 1DN

Your tax treatment will depend on your individual circumstances and may be subject to change in future.

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Gross means the interest paid before the deduction of income tax at 20%.
AER stands for Annual Equivalent Rate and illustrates what the interest rate would be if interest was paid and added each year.

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