Major impacts of Life Moments

From moving house to changing career, over a quarter of Brits hate change or find it very difficult - and it could be for a good reason. Our research conducted in September revealed that people tend to underestimate the impact of key life moments.

We spoke to over 2,000 people and found over half (53%) said that moving in with their partner had a major impact on their lives – far more than other major life moments like choosing your first job, higher education or retiring.

The great divide

When it comes to key milestones like moving in with a partner, there's a great divide between men and women.

Men are more likely to decide to make a quick decision about moving in together – a third of men (34%) take less than two weeks to decide, compared to just a quarter of women (27%).

Once living together, around half (48%) of women believe moving in with their partner has had a major impact on their life, compared to just a third (31%) of men.

Learning to embrace change

There’s no avoiding it; life is simply full of change. From the big moments to the small, nothing ever stands still for long, especially in today’s ‘always-on’ world.

Things are constantly shifting; and sometimes it can be difficult to approach everything with the same gusto or excitement that you need to. Change can feel difficult – but it doesn’t have to be.

Our research found that many in the UK are not good at coping with change. Life coach Carole Ann Rice shares her tips on what you can do to learn to make the most of it

#1: Big change, small change

Help yourself feel more comfortable with change by introducing other, smaller elements of change into your life first. Challenge yourself to try something new on a monthly basis – whether that’s going out with a new group of people, trying a new hobby or visiting a new place. Taking yourself out of your comfort zone regularly will help to build your resilience. You’ll be surprised at how conquering small things will help you feel better equipped to deal with the bigger changes in life.

#2: Know when to let go

It’s perfectly natural to want to have control over every aspect of a big life moment; whether it’s a wedding, a house move or a new job. But there has to be a point when we accept that there are simply some things that are completely outside of our control. Focusing on what you can influence can really help; sometimes there is real empowerment in realising when it’s fine to let something go. Stressing about what might go wrong can also put you in a negative mind-set and mean that you’re less likely to achieve success in reality.

#3: Treat yourself

A little reward can go a long way. For example, when it comes to saving, think tangibly about how much you could put away and what this looks like for you – whether that’s £50 a week, or a couple of pounds a day. Make a plan and set a particular goal that you want to reach, building in smaller rewards along the way to help you stay motivated. A nice meal or half a day off work can be a great incentive and doesn’t have to break the bank.

#4: Shake off the 'should'

It’s natural to compare yourself to others but at the end of the day, everyone is different. So shake off the idea of ‘should’; instead, identify two or three of the things you feel are most valuable to you personally and try to keep sight of these. Spending a lot of time on social media may mean you’re more likely to compare yourself to what other people are doing. To help combat this, consider taking a social media break or cutting down the number of hours you’re spending on Facebook each day – this will help you focus on yourself and what you’re doing.

#5: Know when to ask for help

It’s not always easy to admit but we can’t do everything by ourselves. Accepting that sometimes we just need some help goes a long way. Sometimes it’s enough to ask friends or family, but when it comes to planning for your life ahead and making financial decisions, an expert view can (quite literally) pay off. There is no shame in asking for help, and it is often easier than we think to ask. So remember, there is help out there for you, for all your life moments, big and small.

Our expert says...

Carole Ann Rice

When it comes to navigating things like moving home, having a family or planning your future, the more prepared you are the better position you will be in. That preparation might be mental, physical or financial.

Carole Ann Rice, Life Coach

Planning your goals

To help your financial planning for major life events such as weddings, starting a family, helping with school or university fees, or making the most of retirement, we have launched a digital Life Goals Tool.

You can use it to help you start thinking about your life ahead and how saving or investing could help you meet your goals for the future. You just need to know what amount you’re hoping to reach and when, and how much you can afford to set aside.

The tool lets you see how making changes to the amount you contribute could affect when you reach your target. It will also give you a summary and outline the next steps you could take to help achieve your goal.

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