Our Legacy Partners

To be certain we offer you the most appropriate services we’ve formed partnerships with other trusted organisations who are specialists in their fields, so that we can help you plan your legacy completely.

These specialist organisations have been carefully selected because they not only provide great products, in-depth knowledge and customer service, they share our values too.

Our advisers can talk you through the Legacy Planning process, from Wills to Funeral Planning and are there to help you every step of the way.

To understand how we choose our partners, please refer to Our Partnerships Charter.

Skipton Trustees Limited (STL)

STL is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Society and has a wealth of experience in estate administration, and so act as a professional executor and trustee. They also administer our Will Referral Service and Power of Attorney Writing Services. It is also a Trust Corporation, who can undertake trust business in England and Wales.


Dignity Pre-Arrangement Funerals Limited

The Skipton Funeral Plan is brought to you by Dignity, a national provider of pre-arranged cremation funerals. They have a nationwide network of over 1,180 Dignity-owned, or approved, funeral directors – many of whom have served their local communities for generations. We trust Dignity to handle all funeral arrangements with respect and sensitivity.

Redstone Wills Limited

Redstone Wills is a subsidiary company of Skipton Building Society. They provide a professional Will Writing Service and are members of the Society of Will Writers. Their experienced team are specialists in writing Wills and offer a simple and straightforward service.

They ensure our customers' wishes regarding their wealth, assets, family and children are properly documented.

They also prepare Powers of Attorney.


Our family bereavement and serious illness helpline provided as part of our Legal Documents Care Package is provided by RED ARC Assured who are a subsidiary company of Skipton Building Society with over 15 years experience.

RED ARC has earned a reputation for service excellence, supporting individuals and their families through serious illness, chronic health conditions, bereavement and disabilities. Their team of Personal Nurse Advisers provide customers with a professional, warm and caring service, so often missing from today's hectic and rushed lifestyle often at times of emotional turmoil.  At the time you need their services RED ARC provides a friendly listening ear, practical information, and much needed emotional support both for the patient and the family.

1825 Estate and Trust Administration

Our Estate and Trust Administration Service is administered by Pearson Jones. Their staff are qualified Trust and Estate Practitioners and members of STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners), a worldwide professional organisation. Their service makes it possible for people to appoint a trusted organisation to carry out their wishes.

Society of Will Writers

Skipton Building Society is a member of the Society of Will Writers which means that we abide by their Code of Practice with regards to our Will Referral Service and and Power of Attorney writing services.

The Society of Will Writers sets the standards by which the service is operated and this is aligned with our own belief in ensuring we use the right level of skill and fairness and transparency.

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