Partnership Charter

Wherever you are in life, we’re always here for you - and so are our carefully chosen partners. We have helped our members with savings and mortgages for over 160 years, but times have changed. These days, our members tell us that they are looking for other products and services to help them achieve their financial goals. That’s why we have formed partnerships with other trusted organisations that are experts in their fields. Our partners have been carefully selected not only because they provide great products and customer service, they share our values too.

How do we choose our partners?

Before selecting partners, we closely review the market, so you can be sure that we are working with the most suitable partners in the industry, matched to our own core values. We also look at:


With all our products, our aim is to provide excellent value for money, with high-quality service when you need it. We regularly review the market to ensure we are competitive and can continue to meet your needs. As with any product, we may not always be the cheapest on the market; but we do check our product pricing with our partners on an ongoing basis.

Customer service

We monitor the service that our partners provide, to make sure you have the best possible experience. Just like us, all our partners only use professional, UK call centres.

Financial strength

We always check the financial status of organisations to ensure they are financially sound and that there is the appropriate level of protection for customers in place. Our Home Insurance and Funeral Plan providers hold all premiums in a trust which is guaranteed to pay out claims no matter what happens to the organisation.

Our promise to you

Once we are satisfied that the partner is right for you, we work with them on a regular basis to make sure they are continuing to provide the best possible product and service. If any issues occur we will make sure your interests are well represented. Together, with our partners, we ensure that our customer advisers are fully-trained in the products that we offer, and are able to help you find the right solutions for your financial needs.

Our partners also understand our ethos and are committed to our No Pressure Promise – that means they will make sure you have all the support and information you need in order to make your own decisions, in your own time. None of our partners have access to your personal details in order to contact you to sell you other products and services outside of our partnership arrangements.

Once you have chosen a product from any of our partners, you can still get in touch with us. So if you ever have a problem, you can talk to us and we will work with the partner on your behalf to resolve the issue. At Skipton, our customer relationships are something we cherish and value. As such, we believe it is important that every time you interact with us, it is a positive and worry-free experience.

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