Customer Panel activities

Over 5,000 members have been involved with our panel so far, which gives us a great opportunity to find out what they think about Skipton Building Society and what they would like us to do differently. We carry out around one or two surveys a month, which are sent to selected customers to ensure that panel members can provide feedback on the subjects that are most relevant to them.

Some of the research that we have carried out so far is outlined below.

New product development

1,250 panel members were invited to take part in a survey about a new income protection product which was being considered by Skipton Building Society, with the chance to win £200 in vouchers as a thank you for taking part. The research helped us to understand who the new product would be most appealing to, how customers felt about different product features, and the reasons why some would not want to take it out.

Fixed rate savings bonds maturity process

1,000 panel members with fixed rate bonds or ISAs were invited to take part in a piece of research about the maturity process for these accounts. We wanted to find out how customers would like us to contact them prior to maturity, how we should deal with funds if customers don’t provide a maturity instruction, and what they plan to do once the account matures. The results of the research are helping us to redesign our maturity process to ensure that our members' needs are being met.

Text message communication

We wanted to understand whether members would be happy for us to contact them using SMS messages, and when they thought this would be most appropriate. The results show that there is some appetite for receiving text messages, particularly when the message is relevant to individual accounts and if it is time critical or important. For example, many (though not all) of our members said that they would like to receive appointment reminders and specific account notifications and alerts. This information will help us to plan future communication strategies to ensure that we contact members in the way that suits them best.

Savings provider

We wanted to get a better understanding of the features and benefits that are most important to our members when choosing a savings provider. The results showed that the majority are looking for a provider who can offer them long term good value with sustainable interest rates and that it is important to offer simple products with no gimmicks. Panel members also told us that they would like to be able to access their accounts how and when they want, through online, telephone and branch. This research will help us to take customer preferences on board when we develop our products and service, as well as helping us to understand how we can best communicate the benefits of using Skipton Building Society to both members and non-members.

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This is just some of the research that has been carried out so far, and there is much more planned for the coming months. So if you haven't already, why not take this opportunity to get involved and join our Customer Panel?

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